Conveners: F. T. Avignone, M. Baldo Ceolin, C. W. Kim, V. Matveev

September 10, 2001

 Main Conference Hall


14:30 - 19:00

I. Lawson   

Solar neutrino results from SNO

C. Cattadori   

Update of GNO results

V. Vermul Results from SAGE

A. Shikhin   

Measurement of fast neutron background in SAGE

T. Shutt   

A status report of the Borexino experiment

J. Abdurashitov   

Artificial neutrino source of Ar-37 : Status and Schedule

O. Palamara   

The ICARUS T600 experiment

V. Antonelli 

Updated solar neutrino analysis and Borexino physics

L. V. Volkova 

Estimations of fluxes neutrinos produced in Solar corona flares

T. Gaisser   

Calculations of the Atmospheric Neutrinos

G. Battistoni   

Progress in atmospheric neutrino flux calculations

J. Bernabeu   

Observable matter effects in atmospheric neutrinos

A. Surdo Atmospheric muon neutrino oscillations with MACRO

E. Scapparone

Study of neutrino induced upgoing muon energy with MACRO

D. Petyt   

Atmospheric neutrino results from Soudan 2

T. Tabarelli D. F.

Sensitivity to neutrino scillation parameters of the MONOLITH exp.

O. Peres   

LMA parameters and non-zero U_e3 effects on atmospheric neutrino data?