Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, P. Monacelli

September 11, 2001

Main Conference Hall

HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

P. Privitera

The Auger Observatory

T. Stanev

Propagation of UHE Cosmic Rays and...

P. Blasi

UHECRs: the annihilation of superheavy relics 

Z. Fodor

UHECRs: clustering, GUT and neutrino mass

I. Tkachev

BL Lac are probable sources of UHECR


HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS: Ultra High Energy Neutrinos

G. V. Domogatsky   

The Baikal experiment: Status 2001

A. Hallgren   

Results from AMANDA B-10 neutrino telescope

R. Wischnewski   

The AMANDA-II neutrino telescope - Status and first results

S. Yoshida   

A seach for UHE neutrinos by AGASA

T. Montaruli   

Status report of the Antares project

A. Goldschmidt   

The IceCube Neutrino Telescope

L. Perrone   

Neutrino astronomy with MACRO

V. Dokuchaev   

HE neutrinos from collapsing galactic nuclei

C. Lachaud   

Probing the GZK barrier with UHE tau neutrinos

U. Wichoski High Energy Tau Neutrinos
L. V. Volkova Atmospheric neutrinos and charm production