Conveners: A. Bottino, A. Morales, M. Spiro

September 8, 2001

Main Conference Hall

14:30 - 16:30 Plenary session 

I. Irastorza

Present status of IGEX dark matter search at Canfranc

H. Klapdor-Kleing.

Search for dark matter by GENIUS-TF and GENIUS

A. Incicchitti

Results from the DAMA/NaI experiment at Gran Sasso

A. Giuliani

Dark matter search in the Milano Double Beta experiment and perspectives for the CUORE project

F. Proebst

Results and plans of the CRESST dark matter search

O. Martineau

Dark matter in the EDELWEISS experiment

B. Sadoulet

Status and results of the CDMS experiment

16:50 - 18:50  Parallel sessions

Theory - Seminar Room

D. Caldwell

Status of hot dark matter after SNO

S. Scopel

Supersymmetric relics

C. Munoz

Large neutralino-nucleon cross section from supergravity and superstrings

P. Ullio

Indirect detection of neutralino dark matter candidates in anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking scenarios

Experiments - Main Conference Hall

F. Avignone

The CERN solar axion telescope: the CAST experiment

P. Belli

Results from the DAMA/LXe experiment at Gran Sasso

S. Hart

Status of the UKDM experiments and Boulby Facility

S. Cebrian

First results of the ANAIS experiment at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory

P. de Marcillac

The ROSEBUD experiment at Canfranc - 2001 report

T. Saab

Report on the recent CDMS SUF runs

V. Zacek

Status of the PICASSO project

F. Hasenbalg

First runs with the ORPHEUS dark matter detector