Bulletin No. 1

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare


Seventh International Workshop on

September 8-12, 2001
Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Assergi (ITALY)

January 2001


1. General information.

This International Workshop is the seventh in the TAUP series, started in 1989 at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS) and L'Aquila (Italy), continued in 1991 and 1995 at Toledo (Spain), in 1993 and 1997 at LNGS and in 1999 in Paris (France).

Recently PaNAGIC, the new IUPAP Committee for particle astrophysics, has decided to sponsor the Conference.

The next edition will be held from 8 to 12 September 2001 at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) in Italy.

Participation is by invitation. Attendance to the Workshop will be around 260 participants. Those interested in attending the Workshop, and not yet invited, may request an invitation by writing to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee at the address given below. New invitations will be issued, if available.


2. Scientific Committees.

TAUP Steering Committee:
F.T. Avignone, University of South Carolina; B. Barish, Caltech; E. Bellotti, Universita` di Milano; J. Bernabeu, Universidad de Valencia; A. Bottino (co-chairman), Universita` di Torino; V. de Alfaro, Universita` di Torino; C.W. Kim, Johns Hopkins University; E. Lorenz, MPI Munchen; V. Matveev, INR Moscow; A. Morales (co-chairman), Universidad de Zaragoza; M. Spiro, CE-Saclay; Y. Totsuka, Tokyo University.

International Advisory Committee:
J.J. Aubert, CNRS-Marseille; M. Baldo-Ceolin, Universita` di Padova; L. Bergstrom, University of Stockholm; S. Bilenky, JINR Dubna; D.O.Caldwell, University of California, Santa Barbara; J. Cronin, University of Chicago; A. Dar, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; G. Domogatsky, INR Moscow; H. Ejiri, University of Osaka; J. Ellis, CERN; E. Fiorini, Universita` di Milano; M. Fukushima ICCR, Tokyo; G.Gelmini, University of California, Los Angeles; G. Giacomelli, Universita` di Bologna; F. Halzen, University of Wisconsin; W. Haxton, University of Washington; E. Iarocci, Universita` di Roma and INFN; T. Kirsten, MPI Heidelberg; L. Maiani, CERN; A. McDonald, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory; L. Mosca, CE-Saclay and LSM Frejus; E. Peterson, University of Minneapolis; G. Raffelt, MPI Munchen; L. Resvanis, University of Athens; P. Salati, LAPP Annecy; A. Smirnov, ITCP; N. Spooner, University of Sheffield; S. Ting, Massachussets Institute of Technology; Y. Totsuka, University of Tokyo;
M.S. Turner, Fermilab; J.W.F. Valle, Universidad de Valencia; F. von Feilitzsch, Technische Universitat Muenchen; G. Zatsepin, INR Moscow.

Organizing Committee:
A. Bettini (chairman, LNGS), V. Berezinsky (LNGS), A. Bottino (Torino), P. De Bernardis (Roma), A. Di Credico (scientific secretary, LNGS), G.L. Fogli (Bari), A. Masiero (Trieste), P. Monacelli (L'Aquila), A. Morales (Zaragoza).


3. Format and Purposes of the Workshop

The Workshop will be centered on the many facets of particle astrophysics, where astrophysical and cosmological problems are examined in the light of the new results from particle physics.

The Workshop will consist of invited review talks and of workshop sessions. Each day will cover, on a monographic basis, a major topic. Morning sessions will be devoted to invited talks reviewing the various aspects of the main
topic. Discussions and workshop sessions will follow in the afternoon.


4. Scientific program

The Workshop will be devoted to the following major topics:

- Cosmology and Particle Physics
- Dark Matter and Cosmology
- Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
- High Energy Astrophysics and Cosmic Rays
- Gravitational Waves

A preliminary program of the morning plenary sessions is following:

September 8

- Status of Cosmology
- Search for Baryonic Dark Matter
- Candidates for non Baryonic Dark Matter
- Search for non Baryonic Dark Matter
- New results from SDSS

September 9

- Galaxy Formation and Large Scale Structures
- Microwave Background
- Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
- Inflation
- Progress in Gravitational Wave Detection (Bars and Interferometers)

September 10

- Atmospheric Neutrinos
- Solar Neutrinos
- Accelerator Neutrinos
- Neutrino Masses and Double Beta Decay
- Thermonuclear Cross-Sections
- Physics with Supernovas

September 11

- Phenomenology of Neutrino Oscillations
- Theory of Neutrino Masses and Mixing
- Future Solar and Reactor Experiments
- Future Atmospheric and Accelerator Experiments
- Neutrino Factories

September 12

- Gamma-Ray Bursts
- Gamma-Ray Astronomy
- Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Rays (present)
- Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Rays (future)
- High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy

The Workshop Sessions will consist of short invited talks and of brief presentations of contributed papers. A short introduction about the subject to be discussed in each Workshop Session may be delivered by the  Conveners/Discussion Leaders, should they consider it appropriate for the discussion to follow. Contributions on the subjects covered by the Workshop Sessions will be welcome.

The Conveners will select the contributions to be presented orally and will allocate the time for each presentation. The subjects of the specific Workshop Sessions and the instructions for presentation of contributions will be given
in Bulletin N. 2.


5. Logistic information and accomodation

Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso are located at about 1000 m. above sea level, 18 km from the town of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region, about 120 km north-east of Rome.

Information about connections from Rome (Fiumicino) airport and Rome Termini railway station to the Conference site will be provided in Bulletin No. 2.

Participants will be housed in hotels near the Laboratory or in L'Aquila.  A detailed price list of the available hotels will be given in the Second Bulletin.


6. Registration Fee

The Workshop Fee will be Lit. 500.000 (US$ 250). The Fee will include lunches and coffee breaks, conference dinner and social activities, local transportation from the hotels to the Conference site and viceversa,


7. Further information

More detailed information about the organization of the Workshop will be provided in the Second Bulletin. All communications with the registered participants will be handled by e-mail and through the conference WEB site.

Updated information about TAUP2001 will be available at:


TAUP2001 Secretariat
Mrs. Franca Masciulli
Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso          
67010 - Assergi (AQ)
Phone: ++390862437231
Fax: ++390862437218